Ali Rasouli

``The diversity of different events and feelings makes me create different spaces in painting, and in this way, I try to use the basics of visual arts in a way that suits the situation and the content that I want to show.”

Figurative Painter


Ali Rasouli has been a member of the Centre for Intellectual Development since he was ten years old and studied art by participating in art classes of painting, music, drama and filmmaking under the supervision of prominent professors of the Centre for Intellectual Development of Iran.


Ali Rasouli went to the Academy of Fine Arts and received his diploma in the field of painting.


He entered the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University and received his bachelor's degree in painting. After that, he finished his master's degree in painting at Tehran University of Art and Architecture. During these years, Rasouli has taught in art universities in Iran.


In the artistic career of Ali Rasouli, a former member of the Iranian Painters Association, participation in group exhibitions inside and outside Iran (Tehran, Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kuwait, Canada and France), participation in painting biennials, participation in various film festivals in the world. (Spain, Albania, Germany, Poland) and winning the selected title in several short film festivals in the animation section are among his activities.


He has been assigned as the Jury of Visual Art Festival in the year of 2024


Ali Rasouli, an artist painter, has held solo exhibitions in Aria, Shiv, Design and Color galleries, Laleh Gallery, Artist's House and Haft Samar Gallery.


01/10/2023 - His Latest Solo exhibition with his new collection titled ``Sweet Memories`` at Afand Gallery for 10 days.


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82