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"Manzi Jackson's Kunst fasziniert mich: sein Stil und Thema - wer möchte nicht mal zum Mond fliegen und nicht nur neue Kontinente und Planeten besuchen? - hat so gut zum 20. Geburtstag meiner Tochter gepasst! Das Satellites of Art Team hat mich kompetent betreut; die Lieferung war unkopliziert und pünktlich. Ein Erfolg!"

Regula, Natters, Österreich

As an experienced Curator for high-value art collections, I am intrigued by the offer and mission of Satellites of Art. The art offered is of high quality and responds to trends in the global art market. I am particularly drawn to Reggie and Manzi’s work as they are bold and innovative in their approach. Satellites of Art’s service is highly transparent, professional and reliable, I can’t recommend them enough.”

Jade, London, UK

"Das Bild von Victoria Nabulime hat mich sofort angesprochen durch seinen urtümlichen Charakter. Zudem gefällt mir die Idee auch weniger bekannte Künstlerinnen und Künstler auf der ganzen Welt mit Kunstinteressierten zusammenzubringen."

Philipp, Leimbach, Schweiz




It is our pleasure to announce that from the 12th to the 14th of April 2024, we will be part of the art fair ARTMUC in Munich ( Founded in 2014, ARTMUC is the biggest art fair in Bavaria. It takes place in Munich twice a year, in May and October. The fair provides a relaxed environment where off-the-beaten-track talent can be discovered and their artworks can be purchased with affordable prices. The Satellites of Art stall will be featuring artworks by the Rwandan artist Manzi Jackson, the Chinese artist Xu Ying, and the Iranian artist Arezou Mafi. Moreover our Founder and CEO Katrin Imhof and our COO Tanja Baumann will also be present at the fair. Come and meet us there.

Date: 12-14 April 2024
Location: MTC Locations / Ingolstädterstr. 45 / München


So much excellent artwork remains unseen internationally as some art markets remain under explored, and sales beyond regions and across continents are still limited. Satellites of Art is an art platform that aims to breach these gaps by connecting artists in emerging markets with art enthusiasts all over the world.


We believe in the power of art to stimulate thought and create social change. That is why our artists’ work reflects what we fight for: human rights, equality, a safe climate, peace and justice, and a world free from racism and prejudice.

Our mission is to facilitate networks and marketing expertise for activist artists to present and sell their art beyond borders. We think and exchange globally to tackle common challenges of our future through artistic expression.


Satellites of Art works as a catalyser for inclusive debate and social impact by making art from emerging countries more visible and by increasing its status in the international art scene.

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While many artists from these regions aspire to get discovered to sell their art across national boundaries and beyond their regions, many do not have the marketing expertise and network to do so. Our mission is to help them find their place in the market, and help our buyers find new and meaningful artwork.

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