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OUR VISION – We strive for an international art market with an open access for artists around the globe. Satellites of Art works as a catalyzer for inclusive debate and social impact by making art from emerging countries more visible and by increasing its status in the international art scene. An easy connection between artists and buyers will enable fair selling transactions across borders.


OUR MISSION – We connect and empower artists, buyers and art enthusiasts through online platforms and special events. We facilitate buyers’ discovery of new talents, giving insights of the artists’ creative processes. We ensure secure international sales and shipment of art. We empower artists through networking and tailored support.

How It Works

A Community Building Platform

We Connect

Satellites of Art brings together buyers, collectors, gallerists and artists. We build platforms for networking, for discussing curated art exhibitions and for art-sales. For us, smart personalisation is key. If you are an interested in art, you can get to know artists and their work from Africa, Latin America or the Middle East. We also organise exhibitions and events in our gallery, at art fairs or in other locations. We facilitate exchange between artists of different world regions, for a global exchange of motives and inspirations behind artistic expression as well as its impact.
Safe Buy

We facilitate

Experienced curators are selecting and assembling the artwork shown on this website and during our events. Together, we count on a vast network and extensive roster of artists that is growing daily. Experienced and less experienced art buyers will find their personalised service and counselling with Satellites of Art.

We make art buying easier, accessible and personalised – all in line with your own needs and desires. Fair pricing, credit and control is what is guaranteed to the artists, while buyers will have the peace of mind that they are paying for the original, which will be safely shipped to any destination.

Artists of Tomorrow

We Empower

We believe in the power of community building and therefore also connect emerging talents with peers and art experts, art fairs, and art schools all over the world. We are presently building up new formats and partnerships for supporting the artists in their endeavors to effectively make themselves known internationally.

We are constantly looking for partners and opportunities, in the public and private sector alike, for artists to keep developing their skills in a competitive international art market, exhibit their work and be ‘heard’ in the global dialogue for social change.

Get in touch with us if you have an offer to partner with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Our Partners

Mmarthouse, fondly referred to as The Arthouse, is an art space in Johannesburg. A forever changing landscape of canvas, sculpture, installation and performance art, it warmly welcomes art enthusiasts with every curated experience that goes up on their walls.


Mmarthouse prides itself on empowering young artists, dissolving the models of traditional institutional practice by creating a space for exposure, conversations, collaborations and growth; increasing a sense of cultural capital in South Africa.

Opened in 2019, Yerevan Biennial Art Foundation (YBAF) is a platform committed to the interconnection of arts, culture and education. Through a national and international scope, their ultimate aim is to serve young Armenian artists and reinforce the development of the art world in Armenia.


Latitude Art Space, located in the Art Factory, is where YBAF is located and is dedicated to local and international exhibitions, workshops and educational programs. The Foundation fosters cultural exchange through the development of strong cultural, educational and tourism partnerships.

Ozoza Lifestyle is a Nigerian and Ghanaian commerce that sells African-inspired fashion, interior décor and artefacts globally. The word ‘Ozoza’ means ‘beautiful’ in the Ebira language of central Nigeria. Their objective is to promote all that is beautiful about the African continent.


Ozoza is also an exhibition curator and runs insightful conversations about contentious subjects through their podcast, Crucial Conversations, in which artists, writers, psychologists and thought-leaders are interviewed on important issues within the African and global context.

The Creative Tribe is a creative agency focused on building communities, tools and ventures that matter to them. Their endgame is to become a catalyst for unlocking the creative potential on the African continent.


They believe that creatives hold the key to Africa’s renewal, therefore, their work revolves around collaborating to ignite, nurture, and expand the spark in creatives. They envision better communities across Africa because creatives are bold, empathetic, responsible, and focused on impact.

ROMCHEIK 5 Art Space is the name of the neighbourhood of Battambang where, in 2012, four young Cambodian artists (BOR Hak, HOUR Seyha, NGET Chanpenh and MIL Chankrim) established their joint workshop and studios with the help of a donor.

In 2015, the space was extended with a gallery and in 2018 an additional building was added to display a permanent collection of their best artworks. Almost 200 original artworks on more than 500m2 are exhibited there. It is the first and only “Museum of Modern Art” in the country. The rooftop level is a versatile space that can be used for workshops, performance, temporary exhibition and a Café. The entrance fees of the museum contribute to the maintenance of the premises, the payment of compulsory charges and the purchase of materials for the artists.

The North African Policy Initiative (NAPI) is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan NGO based in Tunis that seeks to strengthen democratic governance through civic participation and engagement. We pursue this objective by promoting broad youth civic and policy engagement, and more in-depth, by supporting the emergence of young leaders, while developing critical thinking and fostering national and transnational dialogue and cooperation. In parallel to its philanthropic activities, NAPI carries out research, training, program design, program management, and M&E for international cooperation and development organizations in the MENA. A short video description of NAPI is available HERE.

The Master of Arts and Cultural Management of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), has been training cultural managers for 23 years. The focus of their education lies on the protection and promotion of artistic freedom, by providing knowledge and tools that focus on the economic sustainability of artistic activities, thereby making art an important driver for social change and progress. In the last three years, the Master of Arts and Culture Management has expanded its teaching methodologies through various online activities, with a temporary shift to 100% online teaching.


UIC cooperates with Satellites of Art on a newly developed online course on entrepreneurship, aimed at students and professionals working in the cultural and creative industries (CCI), in order to train them in the acquisition and validation of entrepreneurial skills adapted to their specific artistic and creative needs.

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