Teresa Carvallo Rey

‘I am a self-taught artist, who is interested in creating sculpture and murals to explore and reflect upon the meaning of the female gaze, and female identity.’

Ceramist and Sculptress


Teresa Carvallo is a renowned ceramist and sculptress from Peru who utilises contemporary female characters to explore the absurdity of imposed gender roles. As a member of the 70s subculture movement, Teresa is not afraid to use irony and humour to bring across her point.
Teresa often uses eroticism as a starting point, as it allows her to explore freedom, pleasure and self-reaffirmation. Moreover, through the depiction of day-to-day scenes which emphasise solitude, plenitude and intimacy, Teresa engages with her audience through a relatable yet, subversive perspective, allowing us to feel embedded to her way of understanding the world. Through the years, her work has received diverse opinions, and it has been described as direct, unsettling, provoking and concrete. For instance, Peruvian writer Mirko Lauer stated: “Teresa uses her sculptures to present moral fables that combine manual expertise, narrative humour and technical virtuosity.”
Her international career was set forth in 1998, when she became one of the finalists in the contest “Pasaporte para un Artista” (Passport for an Artist), organised by the French Embassy in Peru. Since then, she has participated in various exhibitions locally and abroad. She has also taught ceramic workshops in the University of Houston Clear Lake, and given lectures at the Glassell School of Art.


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82