Robert Osei Anim

“As a painter, my work is a reflection of my journey, experiences, and the world around me. I find inspiration in the rich cultural tapestry of my heritage and the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art. My creative process is deeply rooted in exploring themes of black identity, memory, and transformation, often drawing on personal and collective narratives to create pieces that resonate on a universal level.”

Fine Art Painter


Robert Osei Anim is a distinguished fine art painter with a rich tapestry of over 25 years of experience in the realm of visual expression. Born in October 1983, in Ghana, his artistic journey began at the esteemed Ankle College of Art. It later flourished at the Ghanata College of Art and Design, where he honed his craft with dedication and passion. Alongside his artistic pursuits, Robert pursued a legal education, obtaining an LLB from Kings University College, demonstrating his multifaceted interests and intellectual depth.
Throughout his illustrious career, Robert Osei Anim has garnered acclaim and recognition, exemplary contributions to the world of fine art. His work has transcended borders, with exhibitions gracing prestigious galleries and venues across Europe, Africa, South America, and beyond. With each brush stroke, Robert captivates audiences with his unique perspective, evocative imagery, and mastery of color and form. As a true visionary, he inspires and elevates the artistic landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the global art scene.




2006 - Herschel Gallery, Ghana (Solo)
2008 - Golden Tulip Hotel, Ghana
2012 - Int’l Art Fair (20th & 21st Century Art), Switzerland
2012 - Novotel hotel, Ghana
2012 - Center for National Culture, Ghana (Solo)
2015 - The Fishes Garden Hinkinsen Village Art Exhibition, Oxford, United Kingdom
2015 - Oxford Art Fair, Oxford, United Kingdom
2016 - Tokyo International Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan
2016 - Rotterdam International Art fair, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2017 - Amsterdam International Art fair, Netherlands
2017 - Vancouver Art Fair, Vancouver, Canada
2017 - Art Karlsruhe, Germany
2017 - Roy’s People Art Fair, London, United Kingdom
2017 - Ghana@60 Art exhibition, Dallas, Texas. USA
2017 - De Marchi Gallery, Bologna, Italy
2017 - Oxford Art Fair, Oxford, United Kingdom
2018 - Parallax Art Fair, London, United Kingdom
2018 - New York Art Fair, New York, USA
2018 - Vancouver Art Fair, Vancouver, Canada
2018 - Roy’s Art Fair, London, United Kingdom
2019 - Vancouver Art fair, Vancouver, Canada
2019 - Parallax Art Fair, London, United Kingdom
2019 - Camden Image Gallery (Solo), London, United Kingdom
2019 - JonaQuest Art Gallery (Solo), London, United Kingdom
2022 - Oreofe Art Gallery (Group), London, United Kingdom
2023 - The Evac Exhibition (Group), New York, USA
2023 - Sisi Art Gallery, Ghana (Solo)


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82