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On Tuesday 4th October 2022, Satellites of Art attended the Youth Art & Innovation Fair at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The event was co-organized by two United Nations organizations, the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO and the International Trade Centre (ITC) to celebrate the ingenuity and artistry of young minds from all over the world, as part of this year’s International Youth Day celebrations.     The youth of today are an incredible and largely untapped source of ingenuity and creativity. Using their energy and curiosity, they can be powerful drivers of positive change. However, young people can face substantive

Katrin Imhof ist Neurowissenschaftlerin und Geschäftsleiterin des Kunstunternehmens «Satellites of Art». Aufgewachsen in Liechtenstein, studierte sie in Zürich Neurobiologie und promovierte im Bereich Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie. Danach leitete sie für Amnesty International eine Kampagne gegen Folter und war anschliessend 13 Jahre lang für UNICEF in Ländern wie Afghanistan, Nigeria und Libyen tätig. 2015 wechselte sie zur NGO «Right to Play», die spielbasierte Methoden nutzt, um Kinder zu fördern. Vor zwei Jahren entstand die Idee, Kunstschaffende aus Afrika, Lateinamerika, dem Nahen Osten, Osteuropa und Asien mit potenziellen Käufer:innen zusammen zu bringen. Dafür hat Katrin Imhof vor einem Jahr das Unternehmen «Satellites

African art has been demonized for centuries, but it's time to stop underrating these creative works and start celebrating them locally. This demonization has a historical origin: The first African sculptures and paintings were created in form of masks and figures with abnormal features, such as large eyes. In the past, the misrepresentation of the beauty and meaning of African art contrasted starkly against the glorification of art pieces from European artists like Picasso.   This has also been due to biased and negative media coverage of African art. For centuries, the history of African art has been reported by people who

I was still living in London, when a friend of mine reached out to me and mentioned that a person that she knew was looking for an artist to exhibit in her gallery in Berlin. It was not long ago since I was exhibiting in Japan, and I wanted to do that in Europe as well one day. It felt like fate.   I eventually met with one of the founders of Satellites of Art, Katrin Imhof and she explained to me that this project seeks to give visibility to more artists, to build opportunities and create international connections. SoA’s purpose was

On the 11th of May, to mark Drought Day and the start of COP15 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, UNCCD released Drought in Numbers, 2022, a report calling for full global commitment to drought preparedness and resilience.   Ibrahim Thiaw, Executive Secretary of the UNCCD underlined the importance of promoting public awareness about desertification and drought, and letting people know the problems can be effectively tackled “through ingenuity, commitment and solidarity.”   In line with this, UNCCD launched “Droughtland”, a public awareness initiative. For this, Satellites of Art collaborated with Host Creative to create a mural in the Boulevard Giscard d'Estaing in Abidjan. The campaign


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