Reggie Khumalo

‘My paintings are a platform to share my journey with the world. I would like them to resonate with every individual. My work talks about some of the things I experience and feel on my trips: the people I meet, the kindness and love I receive.’

Visual Artist


Reggie Khumalo is a South African fine artist and motorbike adventurer who has devoted his life and work to philanthropy. In 2017, Reggie finally gave in to his passion: using art and travel to do some good. He jumped on his motorbike and left South Africa in an R700. For the next two years he roamed the continent from Cape Town to Cairo, searching for the Artist within. Since, he has been travelling and working across Africa to bring back Ubuntu and help disadvantaged kids get to school. The kindness of strangers, the strength of women, the plight of children and, most of all, the overwhelming presence of Ubuntu, heavily informed his sensibility. Upon his return, he exhibited the work inspired by his journey, and donated most of the profits to charity.
Since becoming a full-time artist in early 2017, Reggie has had three sold-out solo exhibitions and two pop-ups in Johannesburg, one sold out pop-up in Nairobi, a sold-out solo show in Addis Ababa, a solo show in Cape Town, and one solo show in Zanzibar. Some of his work is currently being exhibited by The Bishop on Bedford Gallery in New York City, and in the Berlin art space of the international arts platform Satellites of Art. Reggie Khumalo is Satellites of Art’s first Artist in Residence, and he will be producing work for us in Berlin from August to September 2021.


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82