Nareh Petrossian

``My art is fine, I am fine, Everything is fine Ok?`` I show people, that I can't draw well and I don't want may look, that I really literally don't know how to draw, but I think this is my way of attack the viewer with my “inability” of drawing, without giving him any space for dialogue or thought.

Visual artist, illustrator, multidisciplinary artist


I’m a human being who loves to create any form of art, based in Yerevan. First time i was introduced to art in State college Of fine arts in Yerevan after panos terlemezyan I’ve studied in painting department but after my graduation i realized I’ve studied mostly technical part not really art. Then i continued my studies in Armenian State Academy it was same story as in college i just went there because i got scholarship and i didn’t know what else i can do but shortly after i started in Academy I’ve also started to rent my own studio and have got closer to my dear friend and fav Artist kima Gyarkayn and we’ve started to do a lot of things together. We started from small talks to projects together like street arts,happenings and now we are planing our first performance. Of course i also work separately. Mostly i try to follow myself,my intuition,my surroundings and to understand what it gives me. I’m taking those feelings,worries,etc. and transforming them into art. I always try to stay simple and to keep the first impressions, i hate to overcook art. With medium i can tell that i feel very free to experiment and discover new techniques, i like to try me in new fields. Sometimes ideas are coming even from materials,techniques that i use and work with. Sometimes i create artworks then ,I am starting to realize where it has come from, sometimes backwards. I don’t consider myself as any type of artist( painter,sculpture or something else )i don’t consider myself even as an artist.
I just do art.
- Quatro group exhibition at Terlemezyan gallery 2015
- Group exhibition at Hovhannes Tumanyan museum 2016
- Student group exhibition at Terlemezyan gallery 2017
- Exhibition in Hay Art 2019
- Urban Art Festival 2019
- From Armenia with Love at Gallery LaDons Germany, Hamburg 2020
- Virtual Viewing Room “UNLOVE” Armenia 2020
- Congratulation Solo exhibition at Dalan Art gallery, Yerevan, Armenia 2021
- Individed group exhibition at Latitude art space, Yerevan, Armenia 2021
- Group exhibition at Weltkunstzimmer art center (of the Hans Peter Zimmer foundation), Dusseldorf, Germany 2021
- Art residency at Weltkunstzimmer art center (of the Hans Peter Zimmer foundation), Dusseldorf, Germany 2021
- Back and Forth group exhibition at Hay art cultural center Yerevan, Armenia 2021
- Tomorrow group exhibition at Cafesjian Center for the Arts Yerevan, Armenia 2021


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82

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