Mil Chankrim

``I like to bring my inner turmoil to an external audience through my drawings.``

Visual Artist


``Colours, tension and fantasy define my expression. Behind my colourful palette, I speak of my trauma and my pitiless childhood. From this calamitous past, I try to create my own tale, an expression of my lost innocence, and conflict endured. Then, a personal vision of Cambodia's trauma emerges. The child and the adult always confront each other. The child in me examines the adult I became, and the paint is on the canvas.``
Mil was born in Bantey Meanchey (Cambodia) in 1991. He is married and has one child. Mil graduated from Phare Ponleu Selpak Visual Arts School in 2013 and works at Romcheik 5 studios in Battambang, Cambodia.
About Romcheik 5 collective:
Romcheik 5 is the name of the neighbourhood of Battambang where, in 2012, 3 young cambodian artists have established their joint workshop and studios with the help of a donor.
- HOUR Seyha (born 1991)
- NGET Chanpenh (born 1993)
- MIL Chankrim (born 1991)
They all graduated from Phare Ponleu Selpak visual art school in 2013. But above all, they share the same rough personal background and history; one made of wounds, abandonment, irresponsible parents, exile, hard labour, distress and loneliness. After being expelled from Thailand where they were forced to work during their childhood, they were collected and sheltered by a NGO that has led them on the path of learning the visual arts. Despite their young age, and even before they graduated, they already participated in solo and duo exhibitions in Phnom Penh, and group exhibitions in France, Canada and of course Cambodia. Many of their works have been sold in several countries in Europe (Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, England & Scandinavia), Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan), Australia and USA.
``Through a friend, who is working to support young, local artists, I found three incredible young men in Battambang, who, without the academic references to the world of art and its history, paint these amazing images, mostly about themselves, their journey, their struggles, some in vivid colors, some in alien forms. The emotional and the human qualities of their work touch the very core of one's heart, and through this one man's effort to support them, they deserve to be known as the freshest, freest pieces of contemporary art, without the pretentiousness of a scholarly reasoning behind why and what art should be. They are freely expressing themselves, using whatever art median at hand to shine the dark corners of their lives, while on the path to self-discovery, connecting their own suffering with those who are humanly enough to feel the power in their process of healing and understanding their orphaned world, full of poverty, neglect, violence, exploitation and abandonment. If this is not art, I don't know what is.`` (CHAT Piersath / Cambodian-american writer)
Solo exhibitions:
- 2022 On the Edge of the Abyss / Pi-Pet-Pi gallery / Phnom Penh
- 2021 Scenes & Sceneries / Pi-Pet-Pi gallery / Phnom Penh
- 2019 Body Language / Romcheik 5 Artspace / Battambang
- 2018 Back to the images / Java café & gallery / Phnom Penh
- 2015 Mae Mai / Java café & gallery / Phnom Penh
- 2014 Characters of my Inner Tale / Romeet Gallery / Phnom Penh
- 2013 Knitting & Weaving / Top art Gallery / Phnom Penh
Group exhibitions:
- 2020 Made in Cambodia / ArtXchange gallery / Seattle / USA
- 2020 Traum’art / Galerie Lee / Paris
- 2019 Unsaid Things / Mirage contemporary artspace / Siem Reap
- 2018 Saison du Cambodge / Galerie Impressions / Paris
- 2016 Out of the darkness / Constable gallery / Siem Reap
- 2014 Made in Battambang / French Institute / Phnom Penh
- 2011 Newly rich people / French Institute / Phnom Penh


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82