Manoj Kumar

“It was my passion and dream to be an artist and it has stuck with me throughout my life.”

Multimedia Artist


Manoj Kumar is an Indian artist who works and lives in Doha. From his early age, he was always been fascinated by colours and the imaginary world it could create. Naturally, he was drawn to the world of art. After schooling, he completed a Diploma in Fine Arts (KGE & KGTE) under Calicut University, Kerala. Later moving to Doha and continuing with his profession, his passion in art took a setback. After years, he realized his love for art and started working for it.
Manoj Kumar's journey as an artist reflects a common narrative of many creatives whose passion for art often takes a setback due to practical considerations or life's demands. Despite initially pursuing a different path after completing his schooling and fine art education under Calicut University in Kerala, India, Manoj found himself drawn back to his true calling later in life.
Living in Doha, he might have been immersed in a different environment, possibly working in a field unrelated to art, but his inner artist never faded away. The vibrant colors and the boundless possibilities of the imaginary world continued to beckon him, reminding him of his deep-rooted passion for artistic expression.
It's a familiar tale of rediscovery - after years of setting aside his artistic ambitions, Manoj eventually realized that his love for art was an integral part of who he was. Perhaps it was a moment of reflection, a life event, or simply the longing to reconnect with his authentic self that prompted him to reignite his passion and commit to his artistic journey once again.
For Manoj, being an artist is not just a profession; it's a fulfillment of a lifelong dream, a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft. His words, ``It was my passion and dream to be an artist, and it stuck with me throughout my life,`` encapsulate the enduring spirit of someone who has found their true calling and is determined to pursue it despite any obstacles.


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
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