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We are honored to be part of this important work and the magazine Amnesty International Germany has published these days: Artists support Amnesty International. But it can also work the other way around, as the collaboration between Amnesty International and Satellites of Art demonstrates:   Artists worldwide contribute to human rights causes and organizations through their work. Many of them don’t receive support in their own countries, and some even put themselves at risk with their art.   We celebrate that hundreds of thousands of Amnesty International members and followers have access to this article and much more information about Art and Human Rights on

Thank you for being a part of an inspiring discussion on the Artistic Expression of Human Conditions! We were honored to hear from these talented individuals:   @helaammar - Visual Artist from Tunisia @sirin_anoush - Visual Artist from Armenia Beate Frommelt - Art School in Liechtenstein  @the_real_beatle Victor Will - Middle East Institute Switzerland @victorjwilli   Their captivating insights into art and Social Change made this event truly exceptional. Special thanks to our partners and the curator @sehnaouiboulifa for a remarkable experience!  

The Murten Festival Sinema is just around the corner on October 28th! We’ll be participating in the Art-trail, showcasing our exhibition and engaging in a thought-provoking dialogue with the incredible artists: Hela Ammar, Tunisia-Alireza Memariani, Iran- Ursula Wolf, Liechtenstein at LaCabane in Murten.  Ursula Wolf will present her work on-site, while Héla Ammar and Alireza Memariani will be there live via video stream. Time: 13:00H LaCabane in Murten Mark your calendars for October 28th! For more details, click the link below: https://festivalsinema.ch/     Hela Ammar, Tunisia: “Art is my best way to address the world and every issue I deal with as a human being and as a


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