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Nadir Alzamora (Ridan) Country: Peru   Ridan was born in Lima, Perú in 1990. He moved to Piura to study where he developed a closeness with the town of Yapatera- Chulucanas, which became a key place in his artistic development. From a young age, Ridan had a closeness with nature, which he later on used as the main subject matter in his art. Artistically, he is interested in getting to know new places and then finding a way to break them down into colors, shapes, and symbols. Listen to his story!  

Sirin Anoush, a contemporary artist, showcased her latest series of cyanotype artworks titled “Show one’s teeth” in a joint exhibition with Mier Sandra at the Schaufensterkunst Gallery in Schaan, Liechtenstein (http://www.schaufensterkunst.li). The exhibition was a remarkable success, attracting a diverse range of visitors who were intrigued by Sirin’s thought-provoking art. Sirin’s art is inspired by negative emotions, and her latest series is no exception. “Show one’s teeth” is a reflection on the end of the human instinct and the beginning of the animal instinct, exploring the themes of conflict, aggression, and survival. Sirin uses her own teeth as a visual element in the

The art world has long been criticized for its lack of diversity and inclusivity. Historically, the industry has been dominated by wealthy collectors and elite institutions, with artists from marginalized communities struggling to gain recognition and representation. This exclusivity has resulted in a narrow definition of what is considered "valuable" or "important" in the art world, with many talented artists being overlooked simply because they don't fit the mold of what galleries and collectors are looking for.     One of the primary drivers of this exclusivity is the high cost of entry into the art market. Galleries and art fairs charge


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