Klevi Pove

“Art equips us with lenses, to see the most beautiful version of the world. Art is connecting experiences we have had and synthesizes new things. I create art as a means of self-expression and inspiration. Often my art serves as a record of a particular period of time.”

Visual Artist, Painter, Art Teacher, Graphic Designer


Klevi has graduated at Fine Art Academy of Tirana in 2008 (Visual Art Faculty). After graduating, she worked as a graphic designer for five years. Klevi also worked as an art teacher in public and non-public schools for eight years, working with children aged 5 to 18. She has also been a lecturer at the Faculty of Education Sciences. Since two years, Klevi is working as a freelance artist and art teacher.


Klevi’s art is a journey between her inner and outer self, between figurative and abstract, reality and fantasy, between life and dream. To her, creating art is as much a mystical process as it is an educational process. Ideas just appear to her mind or even to her soul, initially as a complete image. Klevi’s work then is to take that complete image and translate it to canvas.

Besides the conceptual paintings that make up a significant part of her creativity, she finds inspiration in everyday things and what has fascinated her the most in nature, is the texture of different surfaces which she likes to experiment with and recreate them.


For Klevi, the process of making art is magical. It is beautiful to see how the most common and everyday things when placed in another context and elevated into art become astonishing and completely amazing.




- 2008 - ``Focus``, international competition of Artistic Photography, Albania.
- 2008 - ``Sofra Ilire``, annual cultural event, Albania.
- 2008 - ``Idromeno``, artistic competition, Shkodër, Albania.
- 2009 - ``Focus``, international competition of Artistic Photography, Albania.
- October 2007 - ``Independence``, exhibition of contemporary artists, Tirana, Albania.
- September 2007 - ``Cultural activity``, Italian-Albanian cooperation, in Italy, Noci (Provincia di Bari).
- August 2007 - ``Reworking Dissent``, workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden.
- November 2014 - ``70th anniversary of the Liberation of Albania``, visual art exhibition, Albania.
- March 2015 - ``International women's day``, Art Gallery, Fier, Albania.
- March 2016 - ``International women's day``, Art Gallery, Fier, Albania.
- June 2017 - Seminar ``eTwinning and learning in nature``, Šibenik, Croatia.
- July 2017 - Seminar ``eTwinning as an opportunity for new teachers in the educational system``, Tirana, Albania.
- March 2020 - ``International women's day``, Art Gallery, Fier, Albania.
- March 2022 - ``International women's day``, Art Gallery, Fier, Albania.


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82