Kasra Sharifi Monfared

'People have strange relationships with each other, and every person has his own special place in this circle. Drawing portraits is a way for me to search through the depths of a relation with the aim of strengthening it further.'



Realistic portraits in paintings collaborate with the colored spots and the background for more expressions. The connections between the portraits and the background will nourish the mystery of the relationships. The abrasion of the colors will lead me to the depth of these relationships and the intimacy between humans. At the same time, it enables me to show the complications of these alliances...That's why I choose to invest time in collage!


Born in 1980 in Tehran, Iran


MA Painting, Art, and Architecture in 2017 at the University of Tehran. BA Painting, Art and Architecture I 2013 at the University of Tehran.




- 2022 - group exhibition of painting, Afrand Gallery
- 2022 - ``Self Portrait`` group exhibition of painting, Iran Artist Forum
- 2020 - ``+98`` group exhibition of painting, Afrand Gallery
- 2019 - ``Notebook`` group exhibition, Afrand Gallery
- 2019 - ``Rastak`` group exhibition of painting, Farmanfarma Gallery
- 2019 - ``From Iran with love`` Group exhibition of painting, Maryland
- 2018 - Group exhibition of painting, Arte Gallery
- 2017 - Group exhibition of painting, Afrand Gallery
- 2014 - Group exhibition of painting, Touch Gallery, Boston
- 2013 - Group exhibition of painting, Shirin Gallery
- 2013 - Group exhibition of drawings, Hoor Gallery
- 2012 - Group exhibition of painting, Hoor Gallery
- 2011 - Group exhibition of painting, Seyhoon Gallery
- 2009 - Group exhibition of drawing, Laleh Gallery


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82