Julian Dokcen

“I am an Artist, art has been part of me, and God’s gift, since day one. God opened my eyes and introduced me to the Earth, so it has become my duty to add beauty to the earth and make it a better place for everyone.“

Multidisciplinary Artist


I attended Nagenda International School of Art and Design to add knowledge to what I have. I kept on improving my talent in art by practicing every day; new day, new life. As I live every second of my life, I try to do something beautiful made with my hands whether it be wall hangings(paintings on canvas, or walls, shopping bags, shirts, shoes, papers, and boards ), mosaics, rings bangles, and others.

I specialized mostly in experimenting with painting on different surfaces and mediums such as canvas, boards, paper, shirts and jackets, shopping bags, and others. In my work, I preach the Good news to the people who can’t hear, the heartbroken, those who have lost their way in life, the poor; inspiring and giving them hope and faith in this life we live. Life is a game, a lot have lost their way. Stand up for your brothers, sisters, daughters, orphans, and those without food. Speak for them!!!

That’s how I use painting to tell stories, and as a tool to relax my mind, feelings and thoughts. I normally simplify my paintings by using many words like “the blind can see”, illustrations of simple images (the CatOon style of images) to directly mean my feelings, my mind, and my experience with people around me, the way they behave, the good and bad part of humanity.




- 2021 - Speak Life: an online exhibition by The Creative Tribe
- 2022 - Art Affair ‘22 One off Contemporary Art Gallery

Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82