Joseph Ghobeira

Multidisciplinary Artist


Joseph Ghobeira, the Lebanese artist born in 1988, boasts a rich and diverse artistic journey. With a master's degree in interior design from the Lebanese University, his background in design has undoubtedly shaped his artistic perspective.

Joseph's artistic exploration commenced at a remarkably young age, igniting a passion for creative expression that has persisted throughout his life. This early start likely contributed to the depth and maturity of his artistic voice.
Before fully committing to his art, Joseph spent eight years in the field of interior design. This experience endowed him with a unique sensibility for aesthetics, which is palpable in his artistic creations.
A pivotal moment in Joseph's career occurred in 2018 when he founded his own studio. This move allowed him to fully embrace his artistic vision, resulting in a portfolio that includes captivating artworks and tattoos. His work is characterized by its bold and colorful nature, reflecting his emotions and experiences in various ways.
Beyond his individual artistic pursuits, Joseph extends his expertise as a fine arts teacher. He shares his knowledge and insights with aspiring artists through various platforms, including prestigious schools like Lycée Libano-Allemand and Saint Coeur Sioufi. This commitment to education showcases his dedication to nurturing the next generation of artists.
In his artistic world, Joseph invites the public into a surreal and imaginary realm. His works serve as a vibrant canvas where he explores. and conveys his feelings and experiences in diverse and captivating ways. Joseph's art is a testament to his talent, passion and commitment to both his own creative journey and the growth of the artistic community.
Solo exhibition: The 4th, 5th and 6th of October 2023 at the ``kulturzentrum`` Jounieh, and currently I am displaying a selection of eight artworks at the ``Institute Français du Liban`` Jounieh.



Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82