Hoonaz Afaghi

'Line, surface, color, form, light, and my mental metaphors...all were the beginning of the searches that I had been pursuing for years in drawing and painting...And actually, painting is a medium for me to freely implement my ideas, this freedom comes from the daily process of life. The liberation that I can find is only by revealing our inner layers and I was able to depict it with painting.'



The complexity and contradictions of human personality as well as my encounter with nature and its virgin forms give me different metaphors that this media (painting and drawing) can replace my verbal conversation and actually pen strokes and lines are symbols and signs. From different layers of words that have not been spoken and left traces on paper and canvas.

Born April 26,1973 in Tehran, Ian. Graduated as MA graphic from Tehran Alzahra University (2001). Member of Iranian Graphic Designers Society.

Exhibitions, awards, reviews:

- 2007 Posters group exhibition in Home Art Gallery
- 2008 Arms group exhibition in Home Art Gallery
- 2008 Islamic world poster group exhibition
- 2012 Solo painting exhibition in Seyhoon Gallery
- 2012 Painting exhibition in100 Rang Gallery
- 2013 Calligraphy exhibition in Home Art Gallery
- 2013 Painting exhibition in Art Center Gallery
- 2016 Has been awarded an Honorable Mention in London international creative competition.
- 2017 & 2018 Calligraphies in Conversation
- 2017 Saye'h Gallery group painting
- 2017 Alleyha Gallery group painting
- 2017 The Gateway
- 2018 Yasamin Galley group painting
- 2018 Queen gallery in Toronto
- 2019 51th open international juried exhibition by SCA
- 2019 Italian contemporary art magazine Review
- 2020 Shookoh art gallery in 3 parts by sakoo art
- 20202 Artissima (Italia in arte)
- 2021 Winter exhibition in sakoo art
- 2022 Afrand galley
- 2022 solo exhibition in hoom gallery
- 2022 art shams gallery group painting


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82