George Masarira

'I am perhaps best described as a radical cosmopolitan artist. Technically, my works are a tapestry of hand gestures and brush strokes. Thematically, I am inspired by the contemporary cosmopolitan world that unfolds around me. I use my work to consider and document the lived truths of this environment, paying particular attention to its political, economic, ethnic beliefs and religious aspects. Because lived truths sometimes challenge dominant narratives about the world, my work is often provocative. I regard art as a philosophical and monumental task.'



George was born in Gokwe (Matebeland North). His art career began in 2008 when he became a student at the Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre in Bulawayo. His residency at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo in 2013 was one of the many experiences that transformed his career immeasurably.
As a provocative artist, his work is designed to speak to the hearts and minds of viewers. Each of his pieces strives to capture the complexity of contemporary lived experience, with all its emotional raptures and philosophical triggers.
His work has been exhibited in the National Gallery in Bulawayo, Harare, and in other private galleries within the country, regional and international.



Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82