Asmaa Bashashah

“I am interested in studying and expressing everything that affects our environment in order to live in psychological and physical peace, starting from the house to the street and the city, moving on to the global policies affecting our environment.”

Architect and Visual Artist


Roles and artistic approach:

- Volunteer graphic designer and artist at Tanarout Organization for Libyan Creativity
- Director of the Tanarout Art Space Project funded by Goethe-Institute
- Volunteer artist and artistic coordinator at Tajarrod for Architecture and Art Foundation
- Director of the Fine Arts Space of the Hesa 6 project funded by AFAC

Her practice is emphasizing the concept of the self, the need to feel that right and feelings must be expressed. Moreover, her artistic activity is an attempt to confront the genius in repression, terrorism of all kinds (change – break – evasion – absolute non-acceptance) of social norms. Enabling the community to move forward by conveying feelings and reversing issues as they are perceived and not as they are known. That is, confronting excessive familiarity with it, alerting to this familiarity with feelings and issues where coexistence occurs to the point of underestimating their importance of even forgetting the truth about them and their impact, and looking without awareness of it.




- April 2023 Arts Exhibition “Art Education” in Benghazi, Libya – Participant with artworks and organization and setting up of the exhibition being part of Hesa 6 Organization
- March 2022 “Wide Awake” contest at International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) in Tunis – Guest Artist showcasing “Crow Bread”
- July 2021 Tajarrod for Architecture and Art Foundation in Benghazi, Libya – Participant in the production of the exhibition artworks for “Counter-territories / international competition and exhibition”
- March 2020 at Tajarrod Exhibition ``Tahafut- Incoherence`` in Benghazi, Libya – Head of coordination team and Participant with research and artwork contribution titled “Meeting the residential needs”
- 2016 Imago Mundo Projects for artists in London, UK – Participant
- 2014 “Hobsis” exhibition for artists in Benghazi, Libya – Participant


Solo exhibitions:


- March 2019 ``The Crow Bread`` Exhibition: oil painting, in Tanarout Benghazi, Libya
- Dec 2018 ``The Crow Bread`` Exhibition: oil painting, in Espace Sophonisbe Carthage, Tunisia
- Nov 2017 ``Istibsar`` Exhibition: digital collage, in Tanarout Benghazi, Libya


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82