Arezou Mafi

Whenever I come upon photographs in old family albums, I am transported to a land of fantasy and dream, as if I were dreaming with open eyes - walking in the silence of places and people that have come to a standstill and it brings a lived experience in the frame of life.



The outcome are images that have passed through the window of imagination and return to everyday life situations. Decontextualized, images from the past intermix to give way to new images that run through my imagination, perception, and mind to form a part of my visual world today.

  • Date & place of birth: 1976/05/06 Tehran, Iran
  • Interior Design of Pardis Art of Tehran University
  • Basic and Advanced digital photography and lighting of photographers course at the Association of Iranian Photographers. Advanced Digital Photography Certificated by ACS of United States of America.

Participation in group exhibitions:

- 2018 Nagarestan Shahr Gallery
- 2020 Afarand Gallery
- 2021 Afarand Gallery
- 2022 Afarand Gallery 2022


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82