Andrew Onono

During the time he has been painting, the artist got to learn that life itself is an expression which he also realizes in his artworks.

Multidisciplinary Artist


Onono Andrew is a Ugandan who by the age of 9 started drawing and painting shapes and figures with crayons and powder colors respectively from his parental home. He has been on a journey since then, and it is undeniable that his talent has been well nurtured through his consistency, practice, and academic trail, which later got him awarded a bachelor's degree in Art and industrial design at Kyambogo University.

Onono uses what he calls the ``matrix style`` to display expressional states of emotion with trails of colorful sensations in the viewers' eyes. He says his artworks are to open doors to possibilities, to be moved profoundly, and to move others with a belief that through visual art, one can scrutinize the unseen or untold details of something with just a visual imagination.




- MoTIV Art Salon; MoTIV, Kampala
- MiNDfulness; Seyna Art Gallery, Uganda
- Nezikokolima Gali Magi; Seyna Art Gallery, Uganda




- Walls Speak, MoTIV, Kampala
- Kelele Art Collective; Xenson Art Space in Kampala., Uganda & Radix in Zürich, Switzerland


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82