Andrea Terceros

‘Creating art is a necessity. I have these clear images in my mind that I need to translate into paper or canvas. Every time I stand in front of a finished painting, I feel at peace, as if I had just emptied my mind.’



Andrea is an artist from Bolivia. She loves painting colourful scenes from the reality surrounding her. Her creative process consists of constant observation. Through the portrayal of quotidian moments, she shows the beauty of the impermanence of things. She strongly emphasises colours, rather than objects, as it is through colours that she compels the viewer to examine her feelings and emotions.
She has a background in Architecture. She earned a bachelor's in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Stuttgart (Germany) enriched by an exchange program with the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and a master's degree in Architecture from the UCL in London (UK). Andrea lived also in Copenhagen and Tokyo, working for various architecture companies such as BIG, Effekt, and Kengo Kuma & Associates. Since her secondary school, painting has been a constant into her life. She kept developing and exploring further her artistic path from all the places she lived in. Currently, she is based in Bolivia, the country that has deeply influenced the colours of her paintings.
Her solo exhibitions include:
“Sense and Self” at the UltraSuperNew Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
“Mujo (無常)” at the Shakespeare Gallery Tokyo, Japan
“Museums and People” at C.O.D. Aoyama Tokyo, Japan
“Quimera” at Eurochronos Gallery Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Her group exhibitions include:
“Aproximaciones” at the Bolivia Art Exhibition “55” in the Manzana 1 Gallery, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Art Exhibition “Quotidian” at Sakuratei Gallery in Shibuya Tokyo, Japan
Art Exhibition in CASA COR Bolivia Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82