Anastasia Loboda

``However complicated it may be, there is always a way to transform your hard feelings into something beautiful. Something that may be painful for you may be healing for someone else. That’s why it’s worth sharing.``

Multidisciplinary Designer and Artist


Anastasia Loboda is a multidisciplinary designer and artist, born and graduated in Design in Kyiv, moves to Milan in 2013 to pursue the Interior Design and Architecture career. Gets her Master of Arts Degree at NABA Milano in 2016.Within ten years successful collaborations in the high-end interior design projects with the international design studios, such as Patricia Urquiola, Fabio Azzolina, Hernan di Francesco, she starts her own practice of Interior Design in Milan. Lately due to the global pandemic of 2020 she comes back to painting, her original passion that has followed her through life. Her artworks are owned in private collections around Europe, some of them gained winning places in international competitions. In 2023 she collaborated with Art Mall Gallery in Milan, where her paintings were exhibited as a part of the collective exhibition and as a personal art show titled “Healing”.


In her works Anastasia Loboda uses figurative representations, gold leaves that recall the influence of the Art Nouveau époque, and fuse them with abstract backgrounds. She uses bold colors and plays with light effects. Her subjects are intimate, introverts, surreal, full of symbolism and are open for personal interpretations. Anastasia explores the essence of femininity and sensuality, inventing to go beyond the appearances straight to the core of beauty, to the hidden parts of the one’s soul. Her works never force a particular message, but guide the observer to dive deep into the personal perception. She herself calls her artworks metaphorical representations of the complex feelings and unexpressed emotions, using her art to promote self-care, mental health and emotional wellbeing.




2024 - Creative Workshop “Collage of my dreams” / charity fund raising donating to Women & Children shelter “Misto Dobra”
2023 - “30 portraits in 30 days” / charity fund raising donating to Ukrainian Army /
2022/2023 - ART MALL MILANO / resident artist / “HEALING” personal exhibition, collective exhibition, paintings “Divine”, “Feminine“, “Whisper”, “Emptyness“ / monthly live-painting performances
2015 - FELDMAN ART PARK, KHARKIV / participant / garden sculpture “Fall of the human age“, graphic series “Heart skipped a beat“
2014 - GENEVE GALA DINNER / charity auction donating to Ukrainian Army / paintings “Frozen Sunshine“, “Conversation”, “Pray for Ukraine“
2014 - GENEVE ART WEEK, GENEVE / participant / experimental painting “Light of your mind“
2013 - BERLIN ART WEEK CONTEST, BERLIN / 3rd prize winner / experimental painting “Equilibrio“
2011 - UKRAINIAN ART WEEK CONTEST, KYIV / 3rd prize winner / experimental painting “Equilibrio“


Scheideggstrasse 124, 8038 Zurich
+41 77 478 41 82