Ekweozor Nonso

``In space of the past and present, I have questioned the undeniable fact of spirituality in which our celestial put us in, the question in which we ask every second, with fallacies and assumed answers fall short the cliff. What fascinate me is that I come with preconception and openness to unseal the questions revenging our soul that haven't been brought to justice by using my medium to create a template and ground for my expressionism through the canvas.``

Visual Artist


I want the viewer to see deeply the movement of colours and design as the content and question of my painting with the ever captivating and capturing lines with Uli design and all other design embedded in my expressionism. It’s my goal in painting to document questions and fallacies that human find mysterious.


My paintings are meant to be a reflection of our daily life. I explore life circle and expressionism, we live in a world full of questions and less answers. I create a frame and argue that my expressionism image is even more representational of life because it contains the ever flaming questions and thinking boiling in their souls. I want to explore the depth and mind of the innuendo and crescendo of our soul in this expression painting. The imagery crux in my painting is portraiture also capturing and transporting the emotions of the face as an element of my expression in my painting. The beginning of spirituality ends and lies in the lightness and darkness that may diminish or increase with the display of our own temperament.


Ekweozor Nonso who has been a featured painting artist in the contemporary art world ,was born in Lagos, Nigeria .He is currently one of the young artists in look out for as many styles as have been seen. Ekweozor Nonso, whose usage of combined mediums of colours, design and traditional techniques such as Uli, Nisibidi and south America design in a style of work that has never been seen before. It gives the audience another level of dimension of an observation that must be experienced in order to be appreciated.


Nonso often credits much to artists such as Leonardo da Vinci the modern pioneer of painting, Oguigo Edosa and Solomon Omogboye. Nonso draws from all these sources through meticulous synergy and combines the traits to himself. Nonso pioneered his artistic style as a result of tinkering with a host of strokes, movement and design that many artists have not seen. He has experimented with usage of colours and traditional design of different countries around the world, however, when faced with the end product of his creation, one can no doubt acknowledge the art behind it. Nonso's style of work is mostly self-taught, but he has a degree in visual and applied art form Yaba College of technology Lagos, Nigeria. He has also participated in the first national art health exhibition in Nigeria in 2022.




Professional Artist with keen eye for detail, color and composition. Track record of bringing projects to life through innovative ideas. Create compelling, inspiring and engaging pieces. Reputable Artist recognized for consistently developing innovative techniques to encourage creativity and visual product improvement. Renowned artist experienced in medium and versatile in thematic experimentation. Disciplined and productive creative with diverse and varied portfolio showcasing personal evolution in artistic journey. Self-expressive professional uses variety of materials and techniques to create original works of art for sale or exhibition. Talented individual consistently comes up with new ideas and methods for creating art. Committed to developing and producing high-quality artwork for various purposes. Detail-oriented team player with string organizational skills. Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously with a high degree of accuracy.




Traditional Fine Art Skills, Sketch Designs, Critical and Creative Thinking, Artworks Framing, Visualization and Representation, Art Restoration, Oil Painting, Sketching and Brainstorming, Art History, Networking, colour and paints study/skills.




- 07/2020 Yaba College of Technology, Lagos State, Nigeria
- National Diploma in Fine and Applied Arts
- Member of Art, Design and Printing organization at Yaba College of Technology




- West African examinations (Waec) (GCE)
- Completion of painting studies, Saheed Adelaku art studios
- National diploma (ND) certificate, Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria.
- Higher national diploma (HND) certification, Yaba college of Technology,Lagos, Nigeria
- Art gallery representation at Dolapo Obat Gallery




07/2020 – 01/2021 Saheed Adelaku Art Studios, Lagos Nigeria – Art Industrial Trainee




- Worked closely with industrial professionals to expand upon acquired training with practical knowledge
- Supported team in Industrial work completion, gaining experience in cross-functional positions and processes
- Gained knowledge in painting, art installation and contemporary art practice
- Gained knowledge on art management, art exhibition, curatorial reading and painting history
- Assisted with implementation of new safety instructions and equipment protocols
- Maintained overall safe work environment with employee training programs and enforcement of safety procedures
- Knowledge in method and materials of paints and colors mediums


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