Sirin Anoush’s “Show One’s Teeth” on Display at Schaufensterkunst Gallery, Schaan (Liechtenstein).

Sirin Anoush’s “Show One’s Teeth” on Display at Schaufensterkunst Gallery, Schaan (Liechtenstein).

Sirin Anoush, a contemporary artist, showcased her latest series of cyanotype artworks titled “Show one’s teeth” in a joint exhibition with Mier Sandra at the Schaufensterkunst Gallery in Schaan, Liechtenstein (http://www.schaufensterkunst.li).

The exhibition was a remarkable success, attracting a diverse range of visitors who were intrigued by Sirin’s thought-provoking art.

Sirin’s art is inspired by negative emotions, and her latest series is no exception. “Show one’s teeth” is a reflection on the end of the human instinct and the beginning of the animal instinct, exploring the themes of conflict, aggression, and survival.

Sirin uses her own teeth as a visual element in the cyanotypes, and she keeps the visuals in blue to create a striking contrast. The resulting artworks are both haunting and beautiful, inviting the viewer to ponder on the complex emotions that they evoke.




The Schaufensterkunst Gallery provided a wonderful setting for Sirin’s exhibition, offering a professional and supportive environment that allowed her to showcase her art in the best possible way. The employees of the gallery were helpful and attentive, and Sirin was able to connect with her audience and receive valuable feedback on her work.


By partnering with established galleries like the Schaufensterkunst Gallery, Satellites of Art helps artists to gain exposure and reach a wider audience. For Sirin Anoush, this was an opportunity to share her art with a diverse and engaged audience, and to make a lasting impression on the art world.


In conclusion, the exhibition was a testament to the power of art to engage and inspire, and it left a lasting impression on all who were lucky enough to experience it. We look forward to seeing more of Sirin’s work in the future and wish her all the best in her artistic endeavor.



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