Make the invisible(s) visible

Make the invisible(s) visible

A journey across cultures and countries, a flexible and meaningful exhibition based on technology



At Satellites of Art (SoA), we have a mission; increase the visibility of art and artists from emerging countries. We want to bring in all countries we are operating this variety of perspectives, perceptions and feelings coming from a wide range of cultures. Despite the fact we live in a hyperconnected world, moving artworks between countries and travelling across continents continue to be problematic and expensive. Therefore, we work hard in finding alternatives to promote our talented artists and connect them with art enthusiasts all around the world.



Together with the art curator Natacha Muziramakenga, we recently designed a brand-new project Make the invisible(s) visibleable to bring our artists worldwide. This project is an open door towards a virtual journey among different country regions and cultures. With this project, we wanted to nudge people to go beyond what is visible to them and part of their daily life. As Natacha said Sometimes we have our eyes wide open, but we can’t see everything. We are there but unable to see certain things. Sometimes it’s a choice, there are things we don’t want to see anymore because they disturb us or hurt us. Sometimes it is the walls we created around us to structure ourselves and identify ourselves in spaces. It might happen that these reassuring and protective walls become a double-edged sword. They can lock us into whatever we recognize and leave everything else out.”


Make the invisible(s) visibleproject encourages people to explore something that is not obvious to them. When we designed it, we wanted to create something that would give people, using Natacha words a chance to discover a feeling that comes from afar but that could appear surprising very familiar”. We also tailored it around the busy lifestyle that characterise our everyday life. We tried to find a way to grab the observer’s attention during the few spare minutes she/he has in between the many daily commitments. To this purpose we based our project on technology. We conceived Make the invisible(s) visible as a flexible exhibition created to be hosted on the walls of cafes and hotels on a global scale. Instead of hanging art pieces we are hanging framed QR codes accompanied by two simple words calling for action: discover me.



The observer is pushed to go beyond what is visible, a black and white QR code and discover the extra-ordinary and colourful world of an artist from afar. Each QR code is linked to one of SoA artists’ webpage. SoA’s artists are the centre of this virtual exhibition. Make the invisible(s) visible is all about the artists and their artwork.



This exhibition is now live in Zurich (GZ Hirzenbach, GZ Heuried and Kulturmarkt) and soon will be installed in a hotel in Lima. While waiting the breakfast to be served café’s clients can travel to Armenia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Peru, Uganda, Lebanon and more by simply scanning the QR code in the frame. With a simple click, they will discover the provoking artworks of Gayane Avetissian, a young and very talented artist from Armenia or engage with the powerful women-centric paintings of Jemima Kakizi a multidisciplinary artist from Rwanda who uses the artistic expression to boost the confidence of women.



Others will jump into the colourful world of King Jacob Chimeremeze an inspiring artist from Nigeria practicing painting as an alternative communication tool. Most probably, some cafes’ clients will remain enchanted by the powerful look of Richard Adusu’s subjects. This skilled artist from Ghana uses a unique technique and strong colours contrast to bring his painted subjects to life.



It is also possible they will be seduced by the complexity of the mediums employed by Phumzile Buthelezi an engaged artist from South Africa working on the cultural changes that have made the modern woman a multifaceted being. Some other will get the chance of discovering new places thanks to the colours, shapes and symbols of the digital art made by the Peruvian artist Nadir Alzamora (Ridan). Finally, “Make the invisible(s) visible is an open door to appreciate the artworks of Denis Mubiru from Uganda and Rola el Hussein from Lebanon.



Denis is a disruptive artist; his style encapsulates a gritty examination of contemporary urban African issues. On the contrary, Rola’s paintings are a visual expression of her introverted personality. While admiring her artworks the observer can absorb the beauty behind the reassuring colours of her artistic work.

Satellites of Art is taking this exhibition to several other places worldwide and is actively looking for new locations. Don’t be shy and contact us (info@satellites-of-art.com) if you want to support our mission and be part of this journey across cultures and countries.

Caterina Versari


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