Youth Art & Innovation Fair – WIPO

Youth Art & Innovation Fair – WIPO

On Tuesday 4th October 2022, Satellites of Art attended the Youth Art & Innovation Fair at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The event was co-organized by two United Nations organizations, the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO and the International Trade Centre (ITC) to celebrate the ingenuity and artistry of young minds from all over the world, as part of this year’s International Youth Day celebrations.



The youth of today are an incredible and largely untapped source of ingenuity and creativity. Using their energy and curiosity, they can be powerful drivers of positive change. However, young people can face substantive age-related barriers and challenges that limit the implementation of their ideas.

In this context, the objective of the Youth Art & Innovation Fair was to amplify the message that action is needed to support the world’s young artists, innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs and to bridge the generational gap that exists.



Satellites of Art was chosen to exhibit at the Fair and present its groundbreaking work in favor of young artists in emerging countries and the power of art to create social change.


By facilitating networks and marketing expertise for young activist artists to present and sell their art beyond borders, SoA strives for a more inclusive and ethical art market.


SoA’s booth at the  Youth Art & Innovation Fair displayed 55 artworks on a large display screen representing some of Satellites of Art’s most talented young artists from all over the world:


Maëlys Ediaho, from Ivory Coast
Nadir Alzamora (Ridan), from Peru
Victoria Nabulime, from Uganda
King Jacob Chimeremeze, from Nigeria
Agave Solomon Peabo, from Uganda
Gayane Avetissian, from Armenia
Elsa Eghiazarian, from Armenia
Olivia Mary Nantongo, from Uganda
Jeffery Baidoo, from Ghana



We also presented our “Make the Invisible Visible” campaign which is essentially a QR code framed and linked to our in-house artists artworks and detailed explanation of their project. We represented Phumzile Buthelezi artworks for the same.


The Art and Innovation Fair also sought to engage participants in dialogue about the role of intellectual property rights and entrepreneurship to empower young artists, creators and innovators.


There was therefore a dedicated fireside chat with IP and trade experts as well as entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators, including Satellites of Art. Represented by SoA’s Business Development Lead Sabrina Fares, Satellites of Art’s use of technology and innovation to support young artists in developing countries was presented, as well as SoA’s activities to empower young artists as full-fledged entrepreneurs.


We also discussed the particular challenges faced by young artists in the Global South, such as lack of materials, networks and visibility, and how Satellites of Art help its community of artists overcome these challenges.


You can learn about SoA’s mission and vision and meet our community of artists here.

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