My Experience as a Satellites of Art Resident: Andrea Terceros Baron

My Experience as a Satellites of Art Resident: Andrea Terceros Baron

I was still living in London, when a friend of mine reached out to me and mentioned that a person that she knew was looking for an artist to exhibit in her gallery in Berlin. It was not long ago since I was exhibiting in Japan, and I wanted to do that in Europe as well one day. It felt like fate.


I eventually met with one of the founders of Satellites of Art, Katrin Imhof and she explained to me that this project seeks to give visibility to more artists, to build opportunities and create international connections. SoA’s purpose was to showcase “art with impact”. I thought it was wonderful. This was circa August 2021. Many video calls, emails and messages later, I booked my flight to Berlin.


Preparing for the exhibition and residence in Berlin was a challenge, in the sense that I had to think about all of the logistics: how to bring the paintings to Berlin, where to buy the bigger canvases once in Berlin, where to print the labels, description of the exhibition, the stickers for the window. My mind was filled with to-do lists.


I arrived in Berlin at the beginning of May, stayed there for a week painting non-stop. Afterwards, I went to ArtMUC in Munich. The experience at ArtMUC was interesting and enriching, because of the number of artists and collectors that I got to meet. At ArtMUC we exhibited the works of five female artists, myself included.


After ArtMUC was over, I returned to Berlin to continue painting for another week, until my exhibition opened on Friday the 21st of May. Friends that I got to meet during my time studying and working in Europe came to the opening, I even had friends that I hadn’t seen for over ten years coming to see me. The night was very special.


The theme of the exhibition was Wurzeln / Raices, which are the German and Spanish words for “roots”. I painted scenes of the Chiquitania in Bolivia, of people and places that have kept their culture over the passing of time. It felt very nice to get to tell this story in Berlin, and show the richness and beauty of my home country Bolivia. After the opening, some people from the neighbourhood passed by the gallery. I enjoyed talking to them and explaining to them the concept of these artworks.



Berlin and Munich were both wonderful experiences. I enjoyed my time there, and the work that I got to produce. I’m very thankful to Satellites of Art for believing in my work and giving me the space to showcase my work, and to all of my friends that supported me during my time in Germany.


Check out Andrea’s profile to buy some of her paintings.

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