The Impact of Art in Uplifting the Underserved Communities

The Impact of Art in Uplifting the Underserved Communities

Due to exclusive, discriminatory, and status-oriented tendencies, the relationship that the art world has with emerging countries is complicated. Art from underserved communities, such as Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia remains underrated, overlooked and undermarketed for valuable transactions that can sustain art creators and curators.  This is why artists from emerging countries often remain unseen, and their efforts for global marketing opportunities elusive. Yet, when explored and curated without bias in platforms such as Satellites of Art, creative ventures from these communities have the power to contribute in creating a better world where the voices of the disadvantaged societies can be heard internationally.

On this global marketplace, art from underserved communities can have an opportunity to be utilised as a valid source of income and an optimal tool for social change. By uplifting art creators, they can become strong representatives of their societies, influencing future generations to believe in their talents and skills locally and abroad. Whether it is through painting, sculpturing, or photography, art allows creators to showcase a unique vision, catalysing social change. These forms of expression not only sustain those involved directly, such as the artists, but also wider society because they allow us to think outside the box, and engage with new perspectives. Because of this, any artist from any part of the world deserves that special opportunity to be heard. Satellites of Art is a dynamic place where the visual voice of marginalised art creators can be optimised for maximum recognition and value.

Art enables creators to express their grievances and the problems in society and the world at large. When used wisely on global marketplaces like Satellites of Art, it can be a powerful tool that the underserved communities can use as symbols of exchangeable value. Moreover, through the promotion of inclusive debate and the connection of artists, curators, and buyers on a global scale, robust local avenues are open for collaborative activities of recognition. It is evident that art creators also need to educate their own communities to appreciate their artworks. This can achieved through collaborative activities that raise awareness, such as webinars, live interviews, local workshops, exhibitions and events, paving the road to build links with the international market. While global online marketplaces like Satellites of Art help artists, and curators from underserved communities in real life, they also strive to leverage social media platforms to drive traffic. Through insightful online self-promotion, their presence in the art industry can be escalated in the art world; promoting self-reliance, sustainability and effective collaboration within their continents suctioned and boosted by local curators and art collectors.  

Moreover, these underserved art creatives want nothing more than their work to be appreciated in its own right. They don’t want it to be measured against other cultures’ traditions or aesthetic value. The stigma and imposter syndrome around their artwork can only be reduced if these artists find ways to educate and inform their local communities online or offline, inspiring them to appreciate and buy artefacts from their own local artists.  Satellites of Art’s social impact can help artist from emerging countries become more visible and valued on the international art marketplace. This will enhance effective collaborations, enabling fair-selling opportunities and high value transactions across borders, a thing that most artists in the emerging counties can hardly do alone without a supportive marketing platform like Satellites of Art where secure international sales and shipment is guaranteed.

Art has the power to uplift the underserved in society. However, it can only do so when it is professionally created, curated, publicised and appropriately marketed to reach its audience. That is what Satellite of Arts stands for. If you are an art enthusiast, and you want to support artists from underserved societies like Africa, Latin America, the Middle east or Asia, attend our exhibitions, events, or shop at our online gallery. Be part of Satellites of Art’s mission of promoting and facilitating a global exchange between artists from different world regions, utilising art to uplift the underserved and their contribution in creating a better world.

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